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The ageing

The ageing

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Ouillage :

opération qui consiste, pendant l´élevage du vin, à remplir régulièrement les fûts (ou les cuves) pour maintenir pleins les récipients, afin d´éviter au maximum le contact du vin avec l´air.

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Thus starts the 24 months ageing period.The wines are topped up every 8 days during the first year of ageing to avoid any contact between the wine and the air. The new oak barrels soak up the wine. Each barrels drinks between 6 to 7 litres.

Meanwhile, some wine evaporates which leads to a loss of more or less 10% of the wine's total volume.
Depending on the vintage, stirring on lees is effectuated every 3 to 6 months and racking is done every 3 months.