Chateau Guiraud

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We express it through our inclination towards excellence through Nature. To be perfect a product requires the whole Terroir strength, demanding respect and care.

A special care for nature, men, their knowledge and tradition are to be found in the daily vineyard work and wine making.

Respect for biodiversity, putting living organisms back in their native environment, letting nature spring back in the place and making sure that all ecologic factors implied in the growth are well balanced.

Guiraud has distinguished itself by working on massal selection* since 2001 and creating a vine grafting workshop.


Massal selection :

A traditional technique consisting in chosing a number of outstanding vines from the vineyard and then propagating new vines from that budwood. The purpose is to preserve the diverse vines. Whereas clonal selection implies several replicas of a single vine.

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